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Rather than have multiple social media accounts where you have to visit each one to read posts,

see videos or listen to music.  You can do all of that right here without the extra hassle.  

For those of you who wish to voluntarily give some Gratuity, the tip jar is to the right :)

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cinephotopro at yahoo dot com

Gratuity rates based on past giveaways

A separate tip is required for each giveaway

$50 or more tip -  Put Bass with your tip for the Bass

$100 or more - Put Strat with your tip for the Stratocaster

$50 or more - Put ST40 with your tip for the Rumble 40 Studio amp

$100 or more tip - Nikon D500, MB-D17, 16-80, 5 EN-EL15, 2 chargers

details, terms and conditions below
As a thank you to all of you who take the time to watch my videos and subscribe to my
channel, I'm going to give a thank you surprise to one of you. All you have to do is toss a
tip as many times as you want into the tip jar weekly, monthly or yearly.
I will randomly pick a name and send something to that person. This is open to Continental
United States Residents. You must have a physical address for residency verification and
if something needed to be send via UPS. This random giveaway may end without notice at
any time or due to circumstances or situations beyond my control. All tips are voluntary
and should not be considered payment for a chance to be selected.

As long as this paragraph is here, I'm actively doing a giveaway.
Previous gear given away via the tip jar
Tips less than the specified amounts below are still eligible for giveaways.